The fun part is how new this word is 🙂 Just the word though, the concept and controversy regarding luck is millennia old.

And now for the analysis, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought it up 🙂

I am lucky. Very, outrageously lucky! It always appears to me that I do not control this luck, that it is somehow outside of me despite it happening to me. There is a good measure of self-fulfilling prophecy in there. I am by nature an optimist and my natural state of mind is happy. So it stands to reason (and to rationalists 😛 ) that I should feel lucky and thus influence my actual life in that direction. That’s fine, I don’t actually have a problem with this kind of self-fulfilling prophecies. And I recognize them when my intentional actions are actually part of whatever is happening in my life. Like choosing a pathway, listening to my intuition, stumbling over the right approach with a person based on many years of experience.

Where I actually talk about luck is where my actions, while intentional in the context I made them, have far-reaching consequences that no amount of intuition would have been able to predict. Like when I took my husband’s car one day and had an accident. My husband’s car escaped unscathed, but the accident would have seriously damaged my car… which said husband was taking to the mechanic, who lifted it and discovered two bald tyres.. I don’t want to know what would have happened had those tyres exploded on the big drive we had planned for the weekend… yes, it had been my suggestion to take my car to the mechanic in preparation for the big drive, but I couldn’t have predicted the accident, now could I?

So I am lucky. I have been lucky all my life. It really doesn’t mean that I win the lottery (small prizes, yes, when I can be bothered to play – rarely. That is chance, not luck as I describe it. It also doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen to me. They do, and the effects are no more and certainly no less than for anyone to whom bad things happen – that would be everyone. Some of my personality traits (optimism, happiness, also an ability to see the good in situations) make it easier for me to deal with the bad stuff. But I don’t think that has much to do with the fact that I have become accustomed to hearing at least once a week from various people about how lucky I am. I have to pay attention. That is another factor, I notice how lucky I am, I feel it and I therefore act in possibly a more confident way which in turn opens more doors and makes me aware of more opportunities. But I am no more likely than others to get that job I have been looking for. Again, that has nothing to do with the luck I am describing.

Another thing is that feeling that luck comes from outside of my control, actually from outside of me. Like a gift. So I do no subscribe to the “don’t say you’re lucky or your luck will disappear” theory. On the contrary, I often acknowledge my luck. There is maybe a bit of superstitition in there, a reversal of that theory I described above: if I don’t acknowledge my luck it will disappear. I like to think that I am courteous though, so I acknowledge gifts 🙂

Fun analysis remains so if it’s brief. I am not complaining or try to understand my luck – no interest or benefit for me. I am intersted in the limitations (ah, that lotto ticket!) and grateful for the gift. I am also aware that I need to share it with others. Perhaps one gloomy day when things go wrong from the beginning, when you get discouraged and upset at “meaningful coincidences” (Jung’s definition of “luck”) that don’t coincide, I could come and tell you that things are going to get a heck of a lot better… and, knowing me, I will be right!

PS. Little bad things, when they do happen, always come in threes… I could have a bit of fun with that analysis, eh? 🙂


Hello world!


Trivia with a twist

or… tangential Renaissance

or…taking advantage of the internet without giving up our gift for reasoning, analysis and synthesis.

I am decidedly odd. So they tell me. Everybody. So I am different…just like everybody else. That means family, friends, colleagues, aquaintances, perfect strangers… although I am not sure I can call the author of a book a perfect stranger… would you?

Of course, I believe myself to be quite normal and I am visibly surprised (I have learnt to hide it a bit better though) when those others don’t think the way I do.

Those others often disagree with me and occasionally even go to the trouble of explaining why. I remember my mother getting really furious when I was taking Sartre’s personal responsibility a bit too literally (think children in a war-torn country, are they responsible for their fates? Could they change their past, present and future? Sartre seemed to think so… I hadn’t thought it that far).

This (and others!) incident started to bring on the idea that maybe I still need to learn. I was a teenager at the time. It did not sit well with my rule the world as a Grey Eminence persona to say the least.

I found great pleasure in researching various subjects. Plants are a favourite – and goodness do they lead to other subjects: conservation, gardening (compost; organic; permaculture, biodynamics), herbalism, home-brewing, natural cosmetics, natural cleaning, drugs (reading about :P), tea – that gets me started again – I have about 25 types of tea and tisanes in my cupboard.


People are a favourite subject as well, pretty much everything that relates to them, that’s a whole internet right there!

But learning about a subject is one thing and I am happy to do this by myself, for pleasure. How about judging their qualities though? I know some of my biases but that is not enough. The best way I know is to talk it over.

Hence this blog.

I am new to this and will take some time to get used to this type of communication. My first language is not English so my spelling should be ok but my grammar might not.

I like to read. I like to think. I like people. This should prove a challenge for me… 🙂

Until next time!

PS If there are any subjects that you would like to discuss, let me know in the comments below.