I was listening to the gale outside and felt my heart beat faster. There is something so inherently wild about wind that adrenaline spikes even if all you can do about it is cover your ears with the duvet and remind yourself that your house has stood up during the last storm as well.

Then cicadas screeching in summer and certain birds calling for their mates, thunder and rushing water over stones, waves crashing against each other… and I haven’t even started with man-made sounds πŸ™‚

The word itself is Greek, art of the Muses even though said nine godesses did not stop at beautiful sounds. As music is taste dependent we shall not discuss particular groups etc. This is just an inventory of sorts, before I pull that duvet firmly down on my ears.

Stress and worry mean music without words in any language that I can understand. If I am very stressed then no words at all, but if I am still in control I will accept classical language and foreign words in the melody. These are also the songs I will listen if I am playing number puzzles, for some reason or another my brain still counts in my native language, so any other language just confuses me and slows me down.

Feisty means latin and dancing, too, not just listening. πŸ™‚

Sadness means music about time, to remind me that there is no other cure. The period really doesn’t matter, but I won’t listen to classical, because that is usually too detached and I am still a child of my age.

Particular people have particular songs attached, and I find it easier to wait for them by choosing carefully the songs that remind me of them. Something to do, I guess, while waiting… The best music is the one that they recommend though, memories already formed and the main way for me to expand my taste.

Songs in my native language are again carefully chosen for the memories, especially good ones, with turns of phrase that make me want to write some more. They are mostly poetry put to music, or folk and sometimes both. Occasionally it is folklore, just to remind me that you can be direct and tactful at the same time πŸ™‚

Several instruments deserve pride of place: classical guitar, the piano, marimba and saxophone. If I read about a piece of music or an instrument in a book, I will check it out later.

All of the music above I have on computer and cds. I have tried playlists but was badly jarred and gave them up. I guess it was the fact that my songs have those memories attached, and one memory will lead me to another… which belongs to another person, another song, another genre, and I can’t possibly know all this at the beginning of the listening.

So I would rather choose each song, remember, then move on…


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