I am a creature of extremes, so my husband might feel rather smug right now as he is the one who usually sings the praises of moderation.

And yet, those extremes of mine I can and will reach on a regular basis have always led to…well, moderation, really!. You see, I would swing to one extreme and then my entire being (physical one included) would go to battle and resume control as soon as possible. It was a matter of seconds, as I do not hold grudges. But that re-instation of control did not happen before I put my foot in my mouth, of course 🙂

And isn’t that an interesting thing, that putting one’s foot in one’s mouth is not a mean thing, just a tad too honest for the circumstances. I take that as a sign of hope: if our first call when we’re angry, upset or irritated is to be honest, not mean, then there is hope indeed for humanity in general.

To digress even further, if someone is mean in those first few seconds there is usually a world of pain behind so, when we consider retaliation, we might want to think about that and try to do something about it.

Right, I digressed a lot, so let’s get back to moderation.

At first, there doesn’t seem to be much mystery about this word, it is about the middle way, perched between the extremes like a skilled acrobat between a fire wall and an icy pool. Whichever way he falls there’s going to be a price extracted. But wait, is that the original meaning of the word? Well, they are related, in the way a cause is related to the result. You see, the original meaning of the word is to control. Said acrobat balances in moderation because of learnt control.

Whether you learn it by expectation or under duress, control has had a bad rep lately. It’s fallen out of fashion, so to speak (icy pool or fire wall?). And yet without it life would get scary.

Control not only protects us from our perceived view on anarchy (reading the Wiki entry on anarchy, Kant may be on to a good thing, but on the other hand I do love the idea of kibbutz), it works for good things as well.

A child singing is sweet – for its family and in small measures. 🙂 A bit of voice training (control) though and even strangers may be impressed when the sweetness is released in rhythmic beauty.

Can you get to extremes with control? I reckon! 😛

So we’ll go with the contested quote: “everything in moderation, including moderation”. But… this doesn’t work with sedentarism or healthy foods, as someone else said at

What to do, what to do? 🙂


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