This is an ode to them, so should you feel a bit jaded after the holiday season, you have been warned! 🙂

I love presents. There, I’ve said it!

I love giving presents. Of any sort. Useless pretty things and big useless things, useful things of all dimensions and joke presents, too. I do most of my present shopping through the year as I adore finding that particular present I know would be loved and thought about. Of course, I do find myself buying several gifts for the people I love best, as I know more about them, therefore there are more opportunities crossing my way. I don’t always buy new, as I find the best of things at second hand shops (but, on the complaining side, I wish, oh, how I wish they would not write the price directly on the object, it is a pain to take off once the marker has dried; vinegar takes most of the fresh one).

I love giving service presents, too, like hours of babysitting or walking time or anything else that I can do and the other likes. I love giving experience presents, like concert/exhibition/activity tickets.

I love giving vouchers for the really difficult people (have everything, don’t know enough about them or both) and inspiring ones for the really easy ones (see above for definition – love is involved). I love discounted vouchers for local restaurants as they don’t cost much, they are usually appreciated and I manage to support small businesses and the local economy at the same time – what more could I ask for?

I was talking to a friend about giving the things we love to others who love them more. There may be a hint of… hm, not regret at giving the obejct, more regret that we don’t have it anymore, if that makes sense. I have done it, and regretted it, and enjoyed it nonetheless!

I love giving books, especially the ones I have read and hope that the other will enjoy. I also give books that speak about how I am, even if the people receiving them may not be into that genre – it’s efficient, you see?

I like it when people tell me what they would like, makes my life easier and I’m all for it, plus I know they will remember that!

I have no compunction about re-gifting something I have received, especially if I can make a good match (I don’t have the burden of an object that doesn’t speak to me and I make someone else happy – strike!). I do not sell presents (I know people who do, I don’t object per se, just… it goes against the grain) even when they are expensive and I could do with the money.

There are people who like the above as well but don’t particularly like getting presents. I am NOT one of them! 🙂 I love getting presents, too! Of any sort, dimension, etc. Although I will admit to liking potted plants rather than cut – therefore dying – flowers.

But there is a type I love the best: anticipated presents. Like when my husband gifted me (at my request) a tomato plant that makes heart-shaped fruit. He did it in October… for Valentine’s Day the next year, as I expressed a wish to eat heart-shaped tomatoes on that day. I love that plant, and I anticipate eating the fruit and have done so since October 🙂


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