…tinkered around to pipe hot water in a shower deserves a special place in heaven.

… was inspired to put certain leaves in water and then experiment to get the innumerable types of tea deserves for even his nightsoil to be put to good use.

…says “women drivers” with that special eye roll deserves to read history and discover who created cars, road rules, traffic lights and other accessories of modern driving (hint: it’s unlikely it was women, they were at that time supposed to do only feminine things, whatever those may be).

…drives in December deserves a good hot cup of tea after that to calm his/her nerves down.

…will invent a good contraceptive deserves the love and gratitude of many (hint: it must not interfere with hormonal balance, body function, health, desire or fertility… hmm…. Santa!!!!).

…will invent a permanent (preferably painless) depilation system deserves at least a good kiss from whoever uses it.

…cares for the Earth in all that they do deserves to be helped with his gardening.

…looks up at a beautiful sunset deserves to stop the car and get lost in the moment.

…finds out that love is a good substitute for food, drink, air and other necessities deserves to be called human.

…went to the trouble of perfecting chocolate deserves a place in the heaven of hot showers.

…picks up a much-read book, curls up on the couch and starts smiling deserves a couple of hours of free time.

…takes care of others deserves to be taken care of as well.

…decides to approach a long-lost aquaintance at Christmas time deserves to get at least three words back.

…has worked for others deserves to enjoy the fruit of his work and a hot cup of tea.

…makes a conscious decision that housework can go to pieces while they curl up on the couch reading to a child deserves an interesting story to be found.

…is braving emotions, thoughts, facts, health, accidents and obstacles deserves to be shown a way and given time.

…gets into the spirit of the holidays deserves a present 🙂


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