A while ago I was writing about something I do not feel (jealousy). This time I thought I would write about something that I do not feel either but on a different note, or maybe with a different degree.

Patience is an interesting concept of “state”, almost the opposite of action if you will. And I have been writing about actions and consequences and the like for some time. In-action also has consequences, obviously, because you can never be separated from the environment in which action and in-action actually happen. And because we are not the only act-ors in our world.

So we can stay quietly in our corner and things will happen to us regardless. But patience is not so much in-action as the attitude towards the environment. Surprisingly, it is also linked to motivation (a force, rather than a state) that is the very base of action. Confusing, huh?

I think that patience is the very base of the consequence. The base of re-action, so to speak. Say a person is making your life difficult at work. Re-action can be: addressing the person, talking to colleagues, crying in the toilets, venting at home, skin complaints, anxiety, avoidance etc.

But at the base of reaction is the attitude towards that action that in turn informs the reaction. So if I am action oriented I will probably act in defense – retaliate. Others hunker down, retreat, withdraw – put up the walls metaphorically speaking. No action, as such, but a defense anyway.

I believe I do not have any patience. The absolute joy blooming in me when things happen exactly when I want them to (and the frustration when it doesn’t) is ample proof of that! However, I do make a difference between patience and endurance. Probably because I see one as a state and the other one as a force. I am at ease with action and force, and I see endurance as a pushing back at pressure brought upon one. If the endurance is of the same intensity as the pressure then you may stand. Equal force, you know? 

And if endurance is a force just like motivation, the action it helps to bring into the world is stubbornness. This, I have an abundance of

I use stubbornness instead of patience. Once I have my goal it is about finding the ways towards it, or resisting the pressures to change the goal. Using a much loved metaphor of mine, I use the intent as a rope towards my goal. I want to get there now (preferably 5 minutes ago) but if that is not possible for whatever unreasonable motive, then I will pull myself towards that goal regardless. So stubbornness is like motivation except it doesn’t move you, it keeps you steady on your course.

Sail on, mate!


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