I like star signs. There is something profoundly liberating in discussing astrology and marveling at the diversity of human behaviour while at the same time taking the stars (precession of any kind being ignored) for granted. It gives me pleasure to ignore a star sign and try to guess the ascendant. Having a theory about everything, I see the star sign as personality traits and the ascendant as the expression of those traits in real life. Say, for example, an Aries like me should really be impulsive and explosive and impatient and the like. And this would be true, except I happen to have an ascendant in Pisces. I think of it as bright fire floating on icy-cold waters. That cooling effect really makes me much more socially acceptable 🙂

And then you can think of the elements more deeply.

Three fire signs and all three are different. One is solar fire, powerful, with overwhelming brightness, almost impossible to put out. That would be Leo. My own is volcanic fire, explosive, potentially destructive, but not as constant. Then my beloved Archer is a bush fire, far-reaching, smoldering sometimes unseen until the time is right and it can encompass everything it touches.


Water is no less different. The deep lakes of the Crab, life-giving and life-absorbing are still under the moonlight. The salty Pisces seas, ever changing, strongly breakable with murky depths and sunny surfaces are forever moving in a limited, regular rhythm. At the same time, the outstandingly stubborn underground rapids of Scorpio are slowly but surely tunneling through the very rock and, if we are lucky, they emerge in the sunlight to join the world.

Speaking of rock and other stable forces, how about the earth-bound? The craggy rocks Capricorn is climbing with apparently effortless skill hide the persistent hard work that has gone into it. The fertile fields Taurus is pacing can hide both treasure and earthquakes. And the hills and shaded dells Virgo is roaming barely conceal wildness and magic untold.

Air? Even easier to tell apart. Aquarius is the chilly mountain air, as sharp as their unwavering intelligence and curiosity, looking through you. Gemini is the capricious desert wind, now cooling your brow, now shifting enormous dunes into unlikely patterns. And Libra? The soothing breeze enveloping you, making you feel content enough to always keep it close.

There are some who will go further than the individual, trying to talk about how this star sign really should look for that star sign if they want to be happy together. I reckon that’s going too far. There is no harm in taking it easy with change around Virgos, philosophising with Sagittarius or debating with Aquarius. That’s just showing your love. But don’t go telling them that “you fight fire with fire” or “water and earth make just mud”. Firefighters and adobe builders will have a field day with you. 🙂

People have found ways of living with each other despite war, religion, society, age and level of ability, something as elusive as star signs really won’t stop them. Nor should it.

If those people love each other enough to even contemplate being together… just please…let them be.


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