What do you do if life offers you lemons? The original idea is to make lemonade. There is another school of thought that indicates that the lemons should be zested for limoncello, then the juice could be made into lemonade, then the remains of the lemon should be put into a chicken which is then roasted.

Ok, so I have made the last one up, because I have never liked waste and, as mentioned in a previous blog, I like function stacking 🙂

Having the above attitude to life is, of course, extremely annoying to most. It is perceived as disrespectful towards the myriad unfortunate events that befall people. The result is that satisfaction comes to be seen as a temporary condition not to be trusted in case it vanishes into the thin air it emerged from.

Add to this that a lot of cultures have clear rituals regarding luck. Someone who is lucky is not supposed to say so for fear said luck will go away. Children (where they are seen as loveable) are sometimes disguised, teased or ridiculed for the express purpose of keeping them safe from powerful negative forces which might harm them.

Being an optimist is likewise regarded as naïve, ignorant and unsympathetic. A cynic is a hurt optimist.

Being present, in the moment, content and lucky is enough to get you talked about. Add to this a vocation that implies connection/relationship with people, a willingness to talk and a wish to help and you have a bloody disaster on your hands.

That is an exaggeration. 🙂

Bad things can and do happen to lucky optimistic people. It is sometimes difficult to balance idealism (the only way is down) with perfectionism (the only way is up). You need a sense of perspective/big picture: I have been known to think of pensioners as “young ones” despite being half their age chronologically.


But a sacred mountain, a red magnolia in bloom and a book go a long way towards making things better. So is the silver path of the moon on the calm sea. So is acknowledging my luck. Not a “let’s play lotto” type of luck. The luck I talk about is putting my mind to something and things seemingly falling into place like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. It is finding lessons in the bad things that allow me to merge them into life rather than them taking over. It is fighting for people when they cannot do it themselves and the results of those actions.

I have had to learn a bit of tact and gentleness. They do not come naturally to me, impulse and action do 🙂

I have had to learn to say “good enough” rather than strive for an unattainable goal (a cop-out?)

I have had to learn to build defence walls as words will hurt you if they come from someone you love.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have those lessons. There is a freedom in not caring. It is unsettling to “check” if you are “normal”. But that lasts for fewer seconds everytime. Age has something to do with it. Enjoying solitude has even more to do with it. Beauty and love and people make it worthwhile.


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