The world of (my) books


I read every day.

I get very cranky if I don’t read for a day.

I don’t remember ever going two days without reading, even if it is a menu or a sign in a shop.

I have never read an ebook. I do have an e-reader and I am getting ’round to it 🙂

Between people and books, the books almost won.

Science-fiction and fantasy are real literary genres.

Books are separated into fiction and non-fiction. The non-fiction shelves are bigger and fuller. Humour belongs in non-fiction.

Fiction books are arranged by author and by size within those limits. I did try alphabetical and year of issue order but size is neater.

Non-fiction books are arranged by broad subject, then by specific subject if I so feel like it and if the sizes don’t get in the way too much.

I buy books second-hand. It gives me great joy perusing opshop shelves and discovering a book I know.

Oh yes, I re-read. Many times. Some would say “too many”.

I read fast but not speed read. I was never really interested in speed reading.

I don’t discriminate by gender when I read.

I have books in my house that I have not read.

I belong to a library (several, as it is a regional service).

I love libraries in general and public libraries in particular. I understand why university libraries are the way they are but I actually prefer to look at books as well.

I read Mills and Boons and recommend them for women immigrants (small books, un-original subject that does not require brain cells firing, usually contemporary, written by women so the whole range of feelings is expressed, and the most important factor: perfect conversational English).

I read teen fiction.

If I like an author I will try to read everything by that author.

I have favourite books from each author.

I cry when reading books. Several passages make me cry no matter how often I read them. Pavlov’s dogs have nothing on me 🙂

I don’t read books about my profession. I prefer to practice it and learn more at conferences and the like. I do read books about professions close to mine 🙂

I hate it when research notes and photos are in places that mean you have to turn several pages back and forth to check them.

I have said I will never touch a certain book. I had to eat my words.

I didn’t read to my little one since the day she was born. Both of us had better things to do. Once we did start…

I read to my little one every day.

I never read the same child’s book more than once a day.

I sometimes have two or three books going at the same time.

It is not unheard of for 4 members of my family to stay in the same room reading (ok, one is still looking at pictures).

If I read about a piece of music in a book I will check it out. Not so for movies.

I rarely donate books. I never refuse books if given.

I am sometimes tempted to burn children’s books that make sounds.

Between sleep and books, the books almost always win.


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